Family Kinship
7:30 am to 8:30 am

Sometimes Sunday mornings are just not enough for grown ups to fellowship with each other. Here is an idea! Every other Friday night pack up the kiddos and come out to the church and spend some time in worship and short, practical lesson, and then a time to fellowship with a snack. Please let me know if you would be interested in coming.

What will this look like? You may ask

Worship- The worship time will be upbeat to involve the children as much as possible. worship is better caught than taught. When your children see you singing and worshiping before the Lord they will want to join in with you. We would also like to take this time to pray for families. This will be about 30-40 minutes.

Lesson- A simple craft will be planned for the smaller children that the older children can help teach. This will help the older children who like to lead and the smaller children have fun. Justin and I do not claim to be great wise parents but we have a nuggets that have been passed to us that we would like to share but hopefully not every time. We are looking for other families to partner with us to help with teaching and lead worship. The teaching does not have to be a long sermon just about a 20 minutes of whatever God puts on your heart about Family.

Fellowship with a snack- I do not claim to be chef but I can make rice crispy treats. We are asking if you have time and would like to bring a small snack that would be amazing. This time of fellowship is sometimes what we need to unload the stresses of the week and build friendship that we all need.

Family- This whole time together is about the Family! So come with an open heart knowing that kids are kids and we can not put them in a box. We must have realistic expectations that there will be interruptions, accidents, meltdowns, yelling out, and real moments where God shows up and realize that we are good parents and are doing the best we can. We are raising tiny humans and that my friends is the hardest job in the world.